Bike Water Bottle Holster: Plastic vs Aluminum

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A blue bike and it's lower part - Bike Water Bottle Holster: Plastic vs Aluminum.

There are going to be more than just these two types of materials that can be used when producing a water bottle holder or container, but in the case of comparison, we have chosen Aluminum and Plastic. 

This is because most metallic items will be rigid in nature, in which the aluminum water bottle holster offers a solid hold on most standard water bottles and plastic bottles. 

Flexible plastic materials will be able to adapt to differently shaped bottles and objects, in which, over time, the grip slackens and requires daily inspections and occasional maintenance to keep it in working condition. 


What are the Differences?

The biggest difference will be in the rigidity of the holsters, and each will provide contrasting types of holds that work at various levels of effectiveness. 

The plastic holsters will have a flexible, almost elastic hold design, allowing the user to expand the clasp to which it attempts to snap back into place, creating a grip-like hold. 

The metallic aluminum holders will have a harder time when it comes to fitting different-sized, especially oversized, items into the clasp and have little to no flexibility.

Another difference will be the shape of the items. Metallic bike mounts will have an iron rod-like design, while the plastic clasps will act similar to a Lego character’s hand. 


What are the Similarities?

There are not many similarities to speak about when it comes to these two types of water bottle carriers, to which the first will be the locations in which these two holders can be mounted. 

There are typically about nine places a mount can be safely placed on a bicycle, to which both of these types of holsters can be equally secured to the frame at. 

Another set of similarities will have to do with the standard-sized bottle the resting position is designed for. As time has moved on, the standard-sized water bottle has gone from sixteen-point-nine ounces to closer to twelve liquid ounces. 


Pros and Cons: Bike Water bottle Holster – Plastic vs. Aluminum

The pro for the plastic unit will be the flexibility it provides when fitting drinks and other various roundish packaging while out on a bike ride. 

The issue is that over time the elasticity of the unit begins to fade, as with all resistance-dependent items, the strength and integrity of the item degenerate. 

Leading to the pro of the metallic item, which lasts much longer than the less rigid plastic water bottle holder and mount. The best part about metal is its natural ability to withstand wear and tear better than most other materials, and the same applies here. 

The con would be that there will not be much flexibility when it comes to the beverages and bottle designs of today’s drinks. 


Which ones are More Versatile?

This comes down to the usage of both of these products. The flexible plastic water bottle holders and mounts will have better versatility when it comes to the array of bottles and beverage packages it can securely transport during a ride. 

Making plastic is a nice choice for those that travel with different drinks and items depending on the purpose of the trip. 

When it comes to the metal, the versatility is limited as far as types of bottles, but when it comes to riding through the tougher terrains.

There is something to be said about a solid water bottle holster and mount, which tips the versatility pointer into the aluminum holster corner. 


How Can You Tell Which One is Better for You?

The most often used method is going to be a scientific trial-and-error method of testing, which often equates to purchasing the mount and holder with the intent of holding just water and Gatorade bottles. 

So it’s when a friend asks for a can of spaghetti or vegetables for the end-of-ride potluck; if this is you, consider buying a flexible holster and mount.  

Otherwise, the standard iron-rod metallic bottle holders will be for the generic bike, work well enough to be functional, and are cost-effective for businesses. But, to be honest, I would look harder than these two items and find custom solutions or mount options. 


Final Thoughts on Bike Water Bottle Holster: Plastic vs. Aluminum

There will be many different forms, types, and materials used concerning water bottles and the bike mounts created to hold them. Both forms will have their purpose. 

The rigid aluminum water bottle holder will be cost-effective for manufacturers to use for retail store bikes, while the flexible versions can be saved to replace these generic versions. 

If you find yourself needing something other than these two forms of bike mount water bottle holder, there are other mounts and water-carrying options on the market.