Do Bike Shorts Help?

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Woman in jersey and shorts riding a bike - Do Bike Shorts Help?

There have been many changes to the style of clothing that athletes regularly wear, including the rise of stretch wear. This includes sleeves, leggings, compression wear, and other clings to the body clothing that can reduce air drag and still provide warmth.

Bike shorts are one of these newer products for an athlete, and everyday people have begun to utilize them in their daily lives.

What they provide is warmth and support in the hips and core areas of the body, all while keeping a slim portfolio and helping with possible chronic pain issues.

What are the Benefits of Bike Shorts?

The benefits of compression-type clothing start with support for ligaments, joints, and tendons.

In addition, when the wearer has these sleeves, pants, leggings, and shirts, the products on the market today have been shown to provide alignment help and support for natural movement.

There are also products on the market today that have metals woven into the fabric that are designed to promote a certain level of healing and blood flow throughout the body.

Science has begun to engineer these compression-wear clothing to provide a multitude of other benefits besides the ones listed above.


How Does it Work?

How it works is quite simple. The compression, in effect, is like an additional layer of skin that provides a knee brace-like support to the area in which it is worn.

For instance, a pair of copper fiber leggings worn for bad knees on cold days will provide support and warmth to the area, which in turn prevent pain from the elements, all while supporting the joint throughout the entirety of each step’s movements.

There are instances in today’s bike racing events where you will see just about every rider wearing a pair of these compression-like clothing options.


What are Bike Shorts Made of?

To be forward with you, reader, there is no generic set of fabrics used to create these bike shorts, but there are going to be similar materials nonetheless.

Most of them will incorporate latex or similar stretchy material in correlation with other fabrics to promote healing and support.

Otherwise, some of the feminine styles will have softer materials, while some of the professional athlete styles will incorporate metals and magnetic materials to promote blood flow, which in turn helps oxygen get to the muscles and aids in healing.


Which Bike Shorts are the Best?

According to the reviews, the best all-around bike shorts will be the Pearl Izumi Attack Cycling Shorts, which provide quality and value. But dozens more manufacturers provide bike shorts for athletes and casual bike riders alike.

Below is a short list of about a half dozen companies, and their product, that is worth looking into:


  • Assos Mille GT Summer Bib Shorts
  • Endura FS260-Pro SL II Long Leg Bib Shorts
  • Giordana FR-C Pro Bib Shorts
  • Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts
  • 7Mesh MK3 Bib Shorts
  • Decathlon Triban RC 100 Bib Shorts


What Do You Need to Check Before You Buy Them?

The most important thing to check when looking for a pair of bike shorts is to understand the purpose of your purchase.

For instance, are you buying these shorts for yourself or another person? Another thing to remember will be to know if this is for casual riding, professional street riding, mountain biking, or what you have.

Once you figure out the purpose of these bike shorts, you can continue researching brands, products, and what unique aspects of their clothing will benefit the rider.

Then you find the retail that holds this product on the shelves or the online store with the delivery options you require.


Final Thoughts on Do Bike Shorts Help

There will be dozens of options available for purchasing bike shorts, including some of the major sporting equipment manufacturers like Adidas and Under Armor.

Then you will find there are companies that are specifically focused on sports involving bicycles, for example, Pearl Izumi.

In the end, the process of finding the right product is up to you and what your body needs will be.