Installing a Bike’s Water Bottle Cage Without Holes

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Water bottle attached to a bike - Installing a Bike’s Water Bottle Cage Without Holes.

No one wants to ride around and run out of water during their bike ride. The only answer to this is installing a bottle cage or some sort of method of carrying the water.

But if you’re someone who is super into the aesthetic of their bike, you may not want to add holes into your bike frame, and yet still, you need that storage space for your bottle.

You can store your bottle for water by installing a cage in many ways. And there are several ways that you can do that without drilling holes into your bike’s frame.

There are many ways to mount the cage, from zip ties to electrical tape, without needing to fasten them to your bike frame with bolts.

So if you’re looking for a way to do that, we have a couple of options for you, and we’re gonna take a look at them below.


What Tools Do You Need For It?

Typically when you’re looking to install a bottle cage, you would need things like Allen wrenches and bolts, as well as A few other tools. But when installing it without holes, the needed tools will depend on the option you choose.

Most often, though, these methods require very few tools and a little time.

So, basically, what we’re saying is that if you’re going to use zip ties to attach the bottle cage, you’re going to need zip ties and some time, whereas if you’re going to use electrical tape, you’re gonna need the tape, and that’s pretty much it.


How Can You Do It?

As we said above, there are a couple of ways to install your cage without needing holes in your bike. We’re going to go over each of those and give you a few tips about them.

The easiest and cheapest method may well be using zip ties.

These ties are strong and can be used for multiple different purposes quite quickly. The trick, though, is to know that the first step is to make sure you find the right position for the bottle.

You will need two zip ties and the perfect placement to be ready to go. Then all that’s left to do is to utilize the zip ties to attach the bottle cage to your frame, and you should be good to go.

Another budget-friendly option is to utilize those hose clamps that everybody has stuck away in their garage. All you do is open up the hose clamps in place of the bottle cage within them. This will secure the cage to the frame without putting holes in it to tighten it.

You can utilize straps as well. These can be Velcro straps or plastic straps. No matter what you have on hand, they can be used.

Much like the zip tie and the hose clamps, all you’re going to do is take these straps and attach The bike cage to make sure they are tight so that you can ensure a good fit.

The last of these budget options is, of course, the very simple electrical tape. We all have these roles in our homes, and that will allow us to attach the bike cage without utilizing screws and bolts.

Fine, and then take the electrical tape and secure it around the frame to ensure a tight fit for the bottle cage.


Are There Any Alternative Gadgets For It?

If you don’t want to use those budget-friendly options, there are some alternative gadgets that you can use that allow you to mount your bottle cage to your bike without using tools or holes being created within your frame.

Most of these alternative gadgets are holders that wind up attached to different areas of the bike. For instance, you can find bottle holders that are attached to your seat and your handlebar, both of which require no holes to be created within your frame.

There is also something called a quick-release bottle cage holder, which uses clamp light devices that can easily be released.


Can You Secure a Water Bottle Like That?

Utilizing any of the options, we suggested securing your bottle to your bike can easily be done. The trick is to ensure that you do well and create a secure mount between the bottle cage and the bike.

The key is to figure out which is the most cost-effective and right for your bike. Then, you can secure it with any of these options and do so well as long as you choose the right one.


Are Zip Ties a Good Solution?

We’ve mentioned a lot of things, but maybe the most cost-effective is that of the zip ties. But you might ask yourself how secure zip ties actually are. The truth is if mounted properly, they can be very secure. That is what they are created to do.

For those that are looking for a low-cost way to mount that extra accessory to their bike, this just may be the best solution possible. That being said, the other options, like the hose clamps and even electric tape, may be just as beneficial.


Final Thoughts on Installing a Cage for Water Bottle On Your Bicycle without Holes

Staying hydrated when you’re out cycling is vitally important, so you need access to extra water throughout your ride. In order to do that, you have to have a bottle of water to stay hydrated, and the last thing you want to do is carry that around with you.

This is why installing a bottle cage is so important. But you may not want to put holes in your frame, and that could lead to some challenges in your mind.

The truth is that you can easily mount your bottle cage without creating holes in your frame simply by using any of the techniques we discussed above.