Raaw Jibb Review

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Man doing stunt with a mountain bike - Raaw Jibb Review.

If you are a member of any mountain bike forums, you probably have run across more than one review and opinion on the Raaw brand of mountain bikes. Go is a small company based out of Germany with very few offerings.

The few that they do have garnered quite a reputation for being pretty high performing. The Jibb is their second model and has a 135-millimeter travel period. In other words, it’s more of a playful design than the initial models. This gives it a lot of agility and durability.

But before you spend your hard-earned money on something like a mountain bike, you want to dive deep into the features and the quality to see if there is value in investing in the bike.

So we’re gonna take a look at that as well as give you a few other important pieces of information that could help you make your final decision.


What Are its Coolest Features?

When it comes to the Jibb and its features, there are a lot of fun inclusions in the overall design. It is a simple design and is crafted with high-quality materials.

Here are a few of the cool features that we think may help you in your decision-making process:


  • The bike is designed with a pretty sturdy frame. You can open up disabilities download for a medium size. It weighs 3.8 kilograms.
  • It is a clean and simple design.
  • Non-confusing pivot hardware
  • The frame uses only two common sizes of bearings for improved maintenance
  • Bottom bracket specifications of 73 millimeters
  • Vertical rear-mounted shock
  • Hydraulic bottom-out control


Does it Have Good Quality?

Many buyers can be quite pricey, so you want to ensure that the option you go with has excellent value for the cost. In regards to this particular model, it offers excellent traction even in slippery terrain. On top of that, it is balanced.

On top of this, it is a nicely designed frame that utilizes great deals like sealed bearing covers. That said, it is a little heavier, which could be a problem for some.

Overall though, we would say that the bike is crafted with premium-grade materials for durability and designed for easy use.


How Much Does it Cost?

When you talk about the cost, you have to understand that this model is only available right now as a frame. You then have to choose a shock option and add in things like tires.

So when looking at the price tag of just the frame and the shocks themselves, you’re looking at roughly $2600.

That, coupled with the tires, you probably are looking at closer to about $3000. It is an investment, but if you’re serious about mountain biking, it could be a good choice for you.


Where Can You Buy it?

Unlike many well-known brands and models of mountain bikes, this particular option is not available anywhere. In fact, the only place you can buy it is online at the company’s website or a few other mountain bike websites online.

This is not a bike you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar store at all. So on top of the cost of the bike, you’ll need to also factor in shipping fees to your budget.

But even though it is a limited supply and limited places to get it, we highly suggest that you take a look and at least have this on the list of your potential choice.


Is It Worth Buying for Amateurs?

Mountain bikes though you may not know this, can be quite intricate in design. So when you’re first starting, you want something simple to understand and use to grasp the overall support itself.

That means that as an amateur mountain bike rider, you may think this is a great model for you. We will agree because of the simple design and ease of use.

However, if you’re unsure that you will continue this hobby or sport, You may want to look at something a little more budget-friendly.


Final Thoughts on Raaw Jibb Review

All in all, the Raaw Jibb is a well-balanced, durable and simplistic option that is a good fit for just about any type of mountain biker.

Crafted with high-quality materials and designed by people who know what exactly a mountain biker needs, this bike is definitely one of the best from a new brand on the market.