What Size Water Bottle goes in a Bike Holster?

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Person standing with a bike near a lake - What Size Water Bottle goes in a Bike Holster?

Just so we are clear on the accessories we are talking about, the water bottle frame holster will sit above the pedals, between the legs and wheels, and below the seat.

There are going to be many different kinds of holsters, brands from manufacturers, and materials used to create these products.

On average, the size of the water bottle that will fit in the carriages, or holsters, will be between five hundred and seven hundred and fifty milliliters, or seventeen to twenty-five ounces.

The variance in sizes will be because of the different types of products, shapes, and designs that work with certain types and styles of water bottles.


Does the Size Vary?

This is going to be a strong yes, and there are so many different accessories and gadgets that have been invented to carry and secure water bottles to the bike frame, easily enough to grab for a rider to stay hydrated when out on a ride.

Let us step back and look at the bicycle as a whole. There will be about nine different places where you can carry water on the bike frame.

Each with only a certain limited amount of space for the holster and water bottle to fit. This will be the main and most distinctive reason for the differences in the sizes of carriages.


Is There a Universal Water Bottle?

When it comes to designing the different sizes of water bottles, there are going to be conditions in the human daily lifestyle and climate-reflective needs that will dictate what size containers become popular amongst the masses.

Traditionally, the size of the water bottle used most was around sixteen-point-nine ounces; as of recently, there has been a shift in what would be considered the universal water bottle size, now being closer to twelve ounces.

In addition to innovations such as the CamelBak, staying hydrated comes down to the path taken during a bicyclist’s ride and water refilling station strategies when out there. The rider’s hydration needs will also shape what type of water bottle will be needed to fit those needs.


What if your Water Bottle is Too Small?

For most bicyclists, learning how much water and water bottle sizes will be a trial-and-error scientific method experience. You can only understand your needs when out on a certain track by getting out there riding in those conditions and on that path.

Certain biker-friendly urban and rural areas will have water fountains along the trails and bikeways throughout the city, strategically placed for the hydration needs of those on these pathways and bike-riding enthusiasts.

If you find your water bottle too small, you will know to replace the bottle with a larger one, or by purchasing a CamelBak-like product.


What Can You Do if your Water Bottle is Too Big?

Now, this is going to be a situation you should handle before leaving home. Sizing your water bottle carriage will be a necessary step.

To be plain, the time to do this would be at the store; if you have a certain sized water bottle, brand-fitted products can be tested at the local bike pro shop or retail sports stores.

If you find yourself in a certain situation where your water bottle is too big for the rigging, you might want to cut the ride short and stash your bottle at the mouth of the trailhead or other designated point.


How Do You Measure a Holster for a Water Bottle?

There will be different ways to approach measuring a water bottle for the purpose of sizing a carriage or holster, and the easiest will be to use the volume measurement provided by the manufacturer and select a product that fits that size.

However, this approach is imperfect and can lead to faulty fitting purchases from an online store, which can be rectified by taking a trip to the local bike pro or sports retail outlet store to fit your water bottle in person.

If it fits at the store, it will be the right size (and shape) bike frame holster for your needs.


Final Thoughts on What size Water Bottle goes in a Bike Holster

The best approach will be to buy a kit, water bottle included. This will guarantee that the sizing will be spot on, and you get to avoid all the measuring and additional work needed to find the right fit.

Otherwise, fit your water bottle before leaving home or attach the holder to the bike frame.

If all fails, invest in CamelBak, like water carrying and dispensing technology, which will free up your bike from any balancing issues caused by changing water levels.