Where are Deity Components Made?

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Man wearing a black helmet on an MTB - Where are Deity Components Made?

Whenever you are getting ready to spend your hard-earned money, especially on things that can be quite pricey, you want to know about the company and the quality of the products they deliver. 

This is especially true when you’re thinking about components to things like your mountain bike. 

There are plenty of companies out there to deliver high-quality components, and one of those names that you may have run across is Deity. Deity is a company that was founded by a couple of very enthusiastic mountain bikers. 

The company itself is based out of Nampa, Idaho. They offer a wide range of different components for your mountain bikes that are specifically designed with their knowledge of what bike writers want. 

But maybe you want more information on this amazing company! If so, we’ve put together a quick rundown of some facts we think will play a part in your decision on whether this is a good company and product to invest in.


Who Owns DEITY Components?

Sadie and Eric Davies own deity components. This couple, serious and passionate, with their life savings and $15,000, started this component brand. They utilize their passion and dedication to craft components that of the riders.

The familiarity with the need for bikes and what is necessary to create a high-performing one has allowed this small company to create a really unique space for itself in the industry. 

Now based out of their distribution center in Nampa, Idaho, this couple has made quite the name for themselves.


How Long Do Deity Components Take to Ship?

One of the most important things to many people when they’re looking to order components for their bike is the amount of time it’s going to take to receive them. Sure the quality above the shipping process is just as important.

After all, you don’t want to have trails, right? So when it comes to most orders ordered from the company, it typically takes one to two business days. After that, they are sent either via UPS or USPS, depending on what works best for the company. 

The orders are processed only Monday through Friday during business hours, though, so it could take a little longer if you order on the weekends. So it’s best if you keep that in mind when you’re sitting down at the shop.


Does Aputure Own Deity?

If you’ve done any research on Deity itself, you’ve probably run across the name Aputure. this name is actually associated with another company of the same name. This company itself produces audio equipment like microphones.

Aputure is the parent company of this brand. However, it has nothing to do with the DEITY components for bikes that we are discussing.


Is Aputure a Chinese Company?

If you’re still hung up on the parent company of the audio equipment that bears the same name as this amazing mountain bike component company, you may be wondering where it’s housed. 

Though it has nothing to do with the company we’re discussing, we thought we might answer the question for you.

This company has headquarters in many different countries in the world. But the main headquarters is in China itself.


When Was Deity Founded?

So now let’s dive back into talking about Deity components. The company, as we said, was founded by a couple, Eric and Sadie Davies, with just $15000. They wanted to create a company that produced components that answered the needs they knew bikers had.

The company itself was started in 2004 in Oregon. Eventually, because of their success though, they had to locate in 2009. So they opted to move their production and distribution company to Nampa, Idaho. 


Final Thoughts on Where are Deity Components Made

Knowing everything you can about the company you’re investing your hard money in is a great tool to make any decision. For example, if you’re looking for high-quality and high-performance bike components, you may want to look at Deity. 

This company, distributed through its location in Nampa, Idaho, and founded by two passionate bikers, really focuses on delivering everything a biker needs: durability and performance. 

Because of this, the company has developed quite the name for itself and often finds itself listed by passionate bikers as one of the best options you can choose.