Where is Nukeproof Based?

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Man riding an MTB on a narrow path - Where is Nukeproof Based?

Deciding to spend your hard-earned money on something that could potentially be damaged within the first few hours of use is always hard. But, when you’re out on the trails and doing extreme biking, you risk damaging your ride. 

You want to find a durable and well-crafted model to invest in. One company that offers high-quality models designed for optimal performance is Nukeproof.

Nukeproof is a bike manufacturer that is a company that was originally founded in Michigan but eventually moved their business to Belfast, N. Ireland. It was a company that used a carbon fiber blend to build its products which were unique back in the 90s.

We understand, though, why you might want to do your research on the company it will be shelling out some of that hard-earned money on. So we thought we would take a deep look into this company for you. 


Where is Nukeproof Based?

The first thing most people are interested in is where the company is based. Where it is based will help you figure out if you can manage to invest in one of these amazing bikes.

Though the company started in the United States after being acquired by a Northern Irish downhill racer, the company moved to Northern Ireland. It is here now where the products are sold to independent bike dealers all around the globe.


Where Was Nukeproof Founded?

Nukeproof was founded in 1990 in Michigan. For the first decade, the company struggled. Eventually, in 2004 an Irish downhill racer, Michael Cowan, decided to invest in the brand and its product. To do this, he began purchasing trademarks and other things. 

Combining his passion and influence in the field, Michael began building bikes that were developed for enthusiasts of the bike racing industry. 

He soon had everything he needed to develop a reputation in the biking industry that stands out, especially when in regard to smaller-sized companies.

This company is so beloved because of the focus on getting bites that answer the use of a titanium and carbon fiber alloy for the frames. As a result, these frames are durable yet lightweight, making them perfect for racing and overall extreme mountain biking.


Where is Nukeproof HQ?

As we said above, in the early 2000s, Michael Cowan, an Irish downhill racer, decided to invest in the company itself and move its headquarters back to his native country. Located in Northern Ireland, the headquarters is housed in Belfast’s capital.

Belfast is where it is internationally across the globe so that everyone can enjoy the durability and high-performance designs of the company. 

So we think that it kind of makes sense that Michael Cowan would return home and bring with him this amazing company and every benefit it can afford his native land.


Where are Nukeproof Bikes Made?

Even though many companies have headquarters in one place and the bikes are manufactured in another, that is not the case with this company. Instead, Nukeproof runs its business and designs and develops all of its products in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

However, like many other bike companies, the actual frame manufacturing is done in places like China and Taiwan to save money. Once they are assembled, they are then shipped globally.


Does Wiggle Own Nukeproof?

Eventually, Michael Cowan decided to sell to chain reaction cycles which in 2021 was merged with a sports eCommerce company called Cigna sports united. This company not only owns chain reaction cycles but also wiggle. 

So Wiggle does not own new proof, but it is part of a parent company in which all of those bike companies, including Vitus, are all one big family.


Final Thoughts on Where is Nukeproof Based

Nukeproof, though not a new brand, still has much room for growth. It is a high-quality option offering premium-performing bikes for downhill racers and any other extreme bike enthusiast. 

Designed with love and attention to detail and here wherever you go, developed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, these bikes are assembled in Asian factories and then shipped globally. 

Crafted with high-quality materials like titanium and carbon fiber alloy frames is an amazing bike.