Where is the Red Bull Hardline Course?

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Person wearing yellow jersey jumping with an MTB - Where is the Red Bull Hardline Course?

If you’re a downhill bike racer, then you’ve probably heard of the Red Bull hardline course. As one of if not the most intensive downhill mountain bike races in the world, it is the pinnacle of any downhill racer’s career. 

For those that may be new to the downhill mountain bike racing arena, there may still be a lot of questions about the Red Bull hardline course. This course situated in Wales’s Dyfi Valley changes every year, elevating itself and making it even more challenging. 

It is a downhill and free-ride track that pushes riders to their limits. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg so let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Red Bull hardline course.


Does the Location Change Every Year?

Many races change location every year. This is intended to keep the tracks fresh and more challenging, but with the Red Bull hardline course, there is no need for that. Because of its location, it can be altered every year to track. 

That, coupled with the unpredictable weather that is well-known in Wales, keeps it challenging. So no, the location of this race is in the same place every year. The track may change its route and design, but it is always in the Dyfi Valley in Wales.


How Hard is the Track? 

This race is attended by 30 of the world’s best and most daring downhill mountain bike racers. It is crafted with extreme bumps, boulder drops, and technical puzzles, all within rugged terrain. 

That, coupled with the weather conditions of Wales, makes this one of the hardest tracks in the world.

Hence the name Red Bull hardline course. This course includes, as we said, several huge jumps over 100 feet long. That is just a taste of the difficulty riders experience when participating in this race.


How Big is the Track?

Every year the track changes, so there is not a set size that is typical for the course. For instance, this year’s course consisted of an on-off of a 40-foot gap that lands into a 30-foot-long pad. Followed by another 40-foot gap that leads into a straight.

The course also included a 100m straight landing that led into a 7-millimeter cannonball. So, you see that there are a lot of different obstacles and challenges that encompass the entire track.


How to Get There?

As a spectator, you can enjoy the race in person or online. But when it comes to riders making their way to this illustrious race, the process is very simple. Thirty of the world’s best downhill mountain bike racers are invited to the race by a selection group.

These razors are chosen by their experience and performance over the previous months. Once they’ve been chosen, they can then make their way to the race in September every year.


Can Anyone Watch the Race?

For those in the downhill racing, it’s an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon. That being said, you may be wondering, can anyone watch the race? The truth is anyone can watch the race as long as they purchase tickets to the event.

For those who can’t purchase tickets to the event to see it live and in person, it is also broadcast on several sports networks. 

So you see, anyone can take a little time out and enjoy the extreme and invigorating race. The race takes place every September, so all you have to do is look at your local listings and find the channel airing it.


Final Thoughts on Where is the Red Bull Hardline Course

The Red Bull hardline course is a course that is designed to be super challenging and exciting. It is held in Wales every year, with the course varying from year to year. 

Thirty riders take on this course, and spectators enjoy the thrills that come from watching them do so. This course is one of the most challenging in the world, and every year only gets more challenging, so we’re sure that next year’s race is going to be even more thrilling.