Who Makes Viathon bikes?

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Man with a backpack on a bike - Who Makes Viathon bikes?

Viathon is a smaller bicycle company with a difference in the overall experience of the design and business teams, top-of-the-industry veterans, if you will. 

They have also partnered with Kevin Quan Studios who have grown a reputation for assembling some of the most sought-after bicycles in the world. 

They are made in a futuristic technological manufacturing warehouse with cutting-edge tech and perform at a premium level of carbon production quality concerning pollution emissions. 

Therefore, when partnering with Walmart to sell their products, both sides were allowed to create a win-win situation for each company involved.


When Was the Company Founded?

The Viathon M.1, the launch mountain bike model, was released in April 2019, and it could be argued that the company was founded or forged on the same day. The company also released other bikes, such as the R.1, a road bike, and the G.1, a gravel bike.

There has been much hype from influencers on Youtube about the Viathon series of bikes. There was even mention of Walmart and the market for online bicycle shopping. 

The general opinion is that the popularity of these bikes will only go up, leading to the creation of a larger online market for mountain bikes.


Who is the Designer of Viathon Bikes?

The Viathon group assembled a team of top bicycle industry veterans, along with the aid of Kevin Quan Studios, to design not online performance-driven products but also comfortable, fun to ride, and given a certain amount of appeal to the eye. 

Not many would think a corporate giant like Walmart would fund such a venture, but when you see the team put together, there is cause for some excitement.

Of course, to be sold in a retail store, some specific policies and regulations need to be followed. One can only hope the design team sees this as a challenge to release appealing bikes, despite the rules.


Are these Made in China?

From the Kevin Quan Studios, the design team primarily works out of Toronto. Still, ties to San Bruno, California, include Brand Manager Zach Spinhirne-Martin. 

The manufacturing of the bikes takes place in Asia. As to Walmart having factories in the Asian Continent, there is no doubt that at least some of the manufacturing is done within the borders of China. 

The complete assembly may occur in different factories, but pieces and parts will be made in China. What to take from this is that most bikes are made in various places rather than in one location.


Do Viathon Bikes have Quality?

To take a step further, the Viathon bikes brand has been met with relatively good reviews. In addition, the influencers and testers online have produced content raving about comfort and control through rough patches and turns.

Many talks or podcasts mention the incredible price of such a quality bike. However, some reviews state the geometry is standard and the design symmetric, the lightweight frame is desirable at any level, and the speed through the trail is up to the price.

Again, some things can be improved, which are expected for a relatively new bicycling manufacturing company.


Is it Worth Buying?

There are two approaches that we will review when approaching purchasing one of these Viathon bikes. The first would be from a professional Mountain bike athlete looking for a cutting-edge, durable bike with which they can push the limit.

Viathon may still be there, albeit they are a new company. However, to be at the Olympic level in the first couple of years would be quite an ambitious goal. 

On the other hand, the quality of the bike for the price is hard to beat; Walmart delivers an excellent price value for the product itself.


Final Thoughts on Who makes Viathon Bikes

Suppose you are a mountain biking family or an individual looking for a durable gravel bike and want a quality bike for the money spent. In that case, Viathon is an almost perfect option. 

As many have said in their reviews and testing videos, the price of the bikes is exceptionally competitive for what the customer is getting. 

Are these bikes on par with the Treks, Fox brands, and so forth; yes and no, because their bikes are very well made and perform at an above-average level nearing high-performance level. 

Yet, the bicycle community knows the quality of a good bike, and there are other companies able to produce them.