Who Owns Pivot Bikes?

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Man performing stunt with a bike on a hill - Who Owns Pivot Bikes?

Pivot Cycles are award-winning mountain bikes owned by Chris Cocalis. These bikes are high-quality performance mountain bikes designed and produced under a simple mission; to build better bikes.

This company provides mountain bikers with high-quality bikes to make their riding experience the best it can be. These popular bikes are considered premium and are used by world-renowned cyclists.

If you are considering taking your mountain biking career to the next level and looking for a top-of-the-line bike to get you there, you might want to look into these award-winning mountain bikes.


When Was the Company Founded?

Chris Cocalis is the founder, CEO, and President of Pivot Cycles. The company was founded by Chris in 2007 and was based in Phoenix, Arizona. He launched his company after a career with Titus Cycles that began in 1991.

His career started in the 1980s in Chicago, where he worked in the retail branch of the cycling business.

Chris made a life out of cycling and centered his business around providing premium bikes in hopes of giving cyclists the best experience possible. He spent his free time in high school racing BMX.


What is the Net Worth of Pivot Bikes?

Premium quality products come at a premium price. Therefore, you can expect the net worth of a premium cycling company like Pivot Cycles to be high.

With bikes priced in the thousands, the company’s net worth reflects the quality of their bikes and how well they do in the industry. Pivot Cycles has an estimated annual revenue of $20.7 million per year.

This is unsurprising considering the value of the product they offer. The innovative and award-winning cycles are known for their quality and are priced to reflect that.


Are Pivot Bikes Made in the US?

If you are looking for a mountain bike made in the United States, you should consider a Pivot bike. Pivot Cycles is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

These high-quality bikes are developed with a focus on performance and long-lastingness and are produced here in the US. Everything from development, prototyping and lab tests is done in the United States of America.


What is the Quality of Pivot Bikes?

Pivot Cycles pride itself on the quality of its bikes. The company’s mission statement is to build better bikes. They make bikes that are fit for professional cyclists and have won awards for their quality.

You can trust that the quality of pivot bikes is more than satisfactory. Pivot Cycles produces premium quality mountain bikes that are sure to enhance the experience of any cyclist.


What are its Best Features?

Pivot Cycles include many features in their mountain bikes that make them stand out. The company prides itself on the ability to innovate old technology and take it to the next level. Most pivot bikes are made of carbon, with the exception of one that is made of steel.

Pivot redesigned the rear hub spacing, known as the Super Boost Plus Design, and used it on Pivot Cycle’s long-travel bikes and 29ers.

Pivot also introduced new technology on the Phoenix DH mike, which allowed it to use larger wheels without the risk of deteriorating handling. The innovative bikes have pushed technology to the next level and provide many premium features.


Final Thoughts on Who Owns Pivot Bikes

Pivot Cycles provides premium quality mountain bikes produced in the United States of America. The founder built a life out of a passion for cycling, and his product reflects that.

The company has been building award-winning mountain bikes in Phoenix, Arizona, since 2007. In addition, they have innovated the technology of mountain bikes to create unique features that will elevate the experience of your cycling career.

These professional quality bikes are used by world-renowned cyclists and will offer you an experience that will stand out among other mountain bikes.