Who Owns Yeti Bikes?

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Man hanging goggles on a bike's handle - Who Owns Yeti Bikes?

Yeti Cycles has a simple philosophy, ‘We build bikes we want to ride.”

The motivation to create the world’s best bicycles and mountain bikes is one of the more logical reasons to be a manufacturer of BMX gear and products.

In 1985, Yeti was founded and set up in Colorado after the first downhill Mountain bike race was held in Durango but was soon brought up by Schwinn in 1995, to which the Swiss company turned around and sold the rights to Volant (part of Amer sports) in 1999.

Soon after, in 2001, Steve Hoogendoorn and Chris Conroy bought the company, then moved the Headquarters to Golden, Colorado.


When was the Company Founded?

The company was founded in 1985 by one John Parker of California, but soon after the first downhill Mountain bike race was held in the southern mountain ranges of Durango, Colorado, he moved his company to be closer to the action.

In 1991, Yeti Bikes set up shop in Durango, but after a few decades and ownership rights changed over those years, the company ended up in Golden, Colorado.

Steve Hoogendoorn and Chris Conroy founded the ‘new’ Yeti bicycle company. It has made itself the industry leader as we know it today.


Who is the Designer of Yeti Bikes?

In the company’s early years, when they were in the California region of the United States, John Parker, a stage designer for Hollywood, founded Yeti and designed the first bikes.

After moving to Durango, the company experienced a golden growth period until being sold three times in ten years.

Instead of just a single mind designing the bikes, teams of specialized units now work on the different parts of the bicycle. These teams include Switch Infinity and Sixfinity, along with other independent contributors that know ownership.


Are these Made in China?

Yeti is headquartered in Golden, Colorado, and manufactured there. Teams of independent developers and design teams work together in the Rocky Mountain state to develop, test, and create the best mountain bikes on the market.

This is not to say that some of the components used in the construction of the bicycle are not made or manufactured in factories overseas, but the majority of the work is done in the United States.

As far as states choosing to set up headquarters for mountain biking, you can hardly do better than Colorado and its backbone length of the Rocky Mountains.


Do Yeti Bikes Have Quality?

Yeti is an internationally recognized leader in Mountain bike accessories, gear, and rides; they have sponsored events and Olympic-level athletes in their pursuit of athletic excellence.

These bikes are built as a team, with multiple experts working together to create something special for the mountain biking community.

When pricing out one of these art pieces, it will become apparent quickly that these are not cheap bicycles. Many of the Yeti models will have an MSRP in the thousands of dollars to around ten thousand dollars for the most expensive bikes.


Is it Worth Buying?

There will be different advice for different budgets because a person looking to take a leap of faith into the BMX racing world could use a Yeti Bicycle to propel them there.

These bikes are made to withstand the hardest of courses and handle how hard a rider wants to push them.

As for those looking to get a quality casual bike, you would do better to wait for a second hand Yeti bicycle which will still be of solid make. Even better, a quality mountain bike will only cost you a few thousand dollars.


Final Thoughts on Who Owns Yeti Bikes

Yeti Mountain bikes are one of the best producers of Olympic-level BMX racing accessories, gear, and rides on Earth.

There has been a bunch of movement as far as ownership, but after the dust settled, the company remains in Colorado and has been a consistent provider of quality mountain biking equipment.

Golden, Colorado, opens up to the mountainous regions of Colorado, making it a perfect landing spot for Yeti Bicycles to end up.

These men and women create and develop something new, test it in the Rocky Mountains, and the final designs will show the effort and care each team member has for their brand of Mountain bike equipment.