Why Are Maxxis Tires So Popular?

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MTB's rear wheel - Why Are Maxxis Tires So Popular?

There are bicycle tires, and then there are Maxxis high-tech tire construction procedures that provide features like puncture protection and casing technology using upwards of a triple compound tire for the ultimate in no-compromise racing performance.

The care and precision that goes into every Maxxis cycle tire are intuitively designed and thoroughly researched, then tested to achieve the level of performance BMX riders expect and trust Maxxis tires to provide.

Maxxis tires started in the United States in 1985 in the suburban regions of Atlanta, consisting of a small tire distribution facility. In just a few years it expanded to need a larger space in the metropolitan Atlanta area.


Do Maxxis Tires have Quality?

This is a significant and emphatic yes; these tires have multiple different varieties of sizes and combinations that will and have fit the needs of Olympic-level athletes.

Their basic tire construction design utilizes wire, foldable, or carbon fiber beads to maintain stability. The Maxxis team has also developed single and dual-ply casing for even more rigid and solid tire wall structures.

The manufacturing team uses three rubber compounds: the 3c MAXXSPEED, 3C MAXXTERRA, and 3C MAXXGRIP. Each delivers a different level of performance tailored to how a rider hits the trails and with what level of expertise.


How Much Do They Cost?

As the company expands into new markets, including more prominent vehicle types such as ATVs and other extreme sports vehicles, the prices of its products will fluctuate.

A reasonable IKON model tire costs between forty-seven dollars and one hundred six dollars per tire.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and these BMX tires are made to fit Olympic competition needs for the world’s best athletes.

Of course, all of their products will have different prices in accordance with the type of tire being purchased, but that does not change the level of quality that this company holds itself to.


How Long do Maxxis Tires Last?

There are going to be different results as far as what each tire model is going to perform. That said, on average, a Maxxis brand bicycle tire will last around thirty-five thousand kilometers and approximately twenty thousand miles.

This, of course, is a ballpark number, considering that there are over a dozen different tire styles and models that a mountain bike rider can use. In other words, these tires will last you about two and a half seasons before needing to be replaced.

However, statistics change depending on how hard a rider hits the trails and their level of competition.


Is Maxxis a Chinese Company?

Maxxis is an international company with factories in China. Still, they have facilities that span the globe and cover each earth’s populated continent.

Maxxis International – United States of America division mission is to grow our business, operate effectively, and surpass industry expectations with a team built on integrity, enthusiasm, service, and responsibility.

This company was built on providing the highest quality bike tire, and it has seen growth which many businesses only dream of. Now, they sponsor professional riders and Olympic and X-Game-type events on mountain ranges around the globe.


What are the Flaws of Maxxis Tires?

If there are flaws, there are not very many to speak of. Certain bike tire types will be susceptible to annoying sounds when on pavement, or in the case of a Bravo series AT-771 for all-terrain vehicles, there is a lack of grip and stability in heavy snow.

However, there are minimal bad reviews when customers leave one. Most speak about high-quality bicycle tires and high levels of enjoyment.

However, there is another con to these brand tires, the popularity and demand for these rubber tires have driven the prices up and made them quite expensive in comparison to other tire brands.


Final Thoughts on Why are Maxxis tires so Popular

When looking to step into professional competitions or the next level of Mountain biking skill, it would be an intelligent choice to use Maxxis bicycle tires.

They are available at a high price, but the quality in which they are manufactured and the technology put into each tire will justify the costs.

Some athletes have reached the pinnacle of their sports, medaling in World competitions and the Olympics while riding on a pair of Maxxis brand tires. But, if they are not the industry leader, they are one of the best bike tire producers in the world.