Will a Mountain Bike Throw Water on your Back?

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Person wearing a red and white shirt in a bicycle - Will a Mountain Bike Throw Water on your Back?

When you ride your bike, there is a natural motion and propulsion created by the back tires, which, when going at the right speed through a puddle, can kick water onto your back.

Unfortunately, there are not going to be many options in the way of preventing this dirtying of the rider’s shirt, but BMX and mountain bike manufacturers have not left you out in the muddy water.

To prevent this water from staining your back, there are tire covers that will catch the water before it has a chance to get too far off the rubber, which will spare you needing to wear a poncho when riding in wet environments.


How Does it Happen?

There is going to be a scientific connection between the bike traveling at speed, the water sitting upon the earth instead of being soaked into the soil, and the natural friction laws of physics when it comes to this.

First, water has energy polarity, which causes it to bind to things like rubber but not be absorbed.

This leads to it holding onto the rotating tires built up kinetic energy, but then the polarity reacts, and when the water is accelerated upward, it lets go and launches into the air at different angles depending on the speed the bike is traveling.


Can it Damage Your Bike?

There will always be hidden elements that can damage your ride, most of which will be moisture-driven conditions that cause oxidation and rusting.

That being said, there is going to be a risk of this happening when allowing water to discharge from the back wheel without direction.

Especially when the water gets onto the frame, possibly inside the tubes, and as you know, when moisture is allowed to settle on metal objects, there will be some oxidation and frame-damaging rust.

The right attachments and maintenance practices can easily avoid these types of damage.


Can you Prevent it from Happening?

As briefly mentioned above, there will be certain attachments and other methods of preventing this kind of rust damage to the frame.

There will be what are called mudguards and fenders. These are more than likely going to fit most models of BMX and mountain bikes.

Remember to get Mountain bike guards, not road bike guards. The rocky environments you traverse on your ride will cause the frame and mudguards to jostle about.

Mountain bike guards will have suspension-cooperative adjustments and features that will keep the shield from coming into contact with the bike’s rear wheel.


What do Cyclists Do when it Rains?

There are going to be different rules of thought on this, but the most popular is, ‘you’d be crazy to ride in the rain.’ As for the other situations, unexpected light rain wets the trails or roadways, most cyclists will have a poncho or protective emergency layer for their body.

When it comes to the bike, there are going to be front and rear wheel guard attachments that will conduct the flow of water away from the rider and their person.

Depending on the conditions, riders might change helmets and goggle accessories to deal with the cloudy or stormy weather they will face.


Are there any Gadgets for Protecting Your Bike Against it?

There are going to be a bunch of innovative new gadgets that will allow riders to protect their bikes and selves from the elements and water-related damages to the bike.

Injuries to the rider, or unexpected health issues that can come from wet weather or soaked clothing outdoors. The first place to look for this will be in goggles and helmet accessories, each brand offering new features to improve your riding experience.

As for the bike, there are going to be guards and sealants; the fenders will help direct the water away from the frame, while the sealants will keep the water out from entering the inner parts of the frame.


Final Thoughts on Will a Mountain Bike Throw Water on your Back

There are going to be simple actions you can take to help extend the life of your Mountain bike. Not talked about much will be sealants and bike frame protection covering and wraps.

A rider can customize silicone tapes, frame covers, and paints to fit their look and style while providing much-needed protection from oxidation and rusting.

This can be a really fun process in which you can design the look of your bike and create a personalized ride to share and show off.

Within the artistry will be the chance to express yourself without having to say a word, might even find a niche calling in a world begging for creative new ideas.