Will Your Bike Rust from Rainwater?

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An MTB on a rocky surface near ocean - Will Your Bike Rust from Rainwater?

Let us set up a pair of scenarios for you to consider; One, you have a well-maintained bike, to which you allowed some rainwater to sit on the surface after the day’s trek.

In this case, the water does not pernitrate the seals, and the paint sealant on the frame holds up against the wet weather elements.

Two, the bike is older, and the paint is peeling; little to no maintenance has been done, and the gaskets show aging.

Finally, suppose you allow water to stay on the surface. In that case, it will more than likely penetrate the frame’s sealants and possibly get through the damaged gaskets, but also initiate oxidation processes on the exposed metallic materials.


Is it Okay for a Bike to Get Rained on?

When you consider the pair of scenarios above, allowing rainwater to rest on your bike frame will lead to rust. The best plan will be to develop a habit of always cleaning your ride after each ride.

Simple little maintenance actions like this can extend the life of your bike and prevent avoidable damages and rusting consequences.

So, no, but there will be less of a need to wipe off the rainwater from a brand-new bike, be sure if you store your BMX or Mountain bike inside to dry it before placing it in storage.

If you want to avoid this step, keeping up with the sealants and gaskets can be just as effective as a method when it comes to extending the life of the bicycle.


How Long Does it Take for a Bike to Rust?

The oxidation process will only need around fifteen minutes before the chemical reaction begins, and the low-grade iron turns to rust (iron oxide) as far as the higher-grade steel.

Or another more complete rusting process will take between four days to take hold and six months for the oxidation process to show signs.

A well-kept BMX or mountain bike will take months before a humid environment can take hold of the surface of the frame. Similar to sealing a wood plank or piece of furniture, keeping the same protection for your ride can mean longer durability for the bicycle.


How Can You Protect Your Bike from it?

There are going to be very easy ways to keep your mountain bike from rusting, and the easiest will be to have a cleaning and drying routine after every single time out.

Simply just removing any dirt, debris, or moisture after each ride will do wonders for the maintenance difficulty.

Another way to prevent any oxidation processes will be to keep the bike in a dry place out of the weather elements, and this can be a Garage or shed, for example. This will keep the bicycle safe from anything that could cause harm to it when not in use and out of sight.


Are there any Gadgets that can Help You Protect it?

There are going to be a variety of brands and products that will help you protect your bicycle, so start looking into spray-on sealants. These chemicals bind with your bike’s frame and create a barrier that water and other liquids cannot penetrate.

There will be two ways to go about this, knowledgeable riders can purchase at-home application kits, but for those new to the process.

It will be highly recommended to visit a local bike pro shop and have them do the initial layer of spray, possibly impart some knowledge and techniques onto you while you are there.


Should You Dry Your Bike After the Rain?

Yes, this is a very good habit to get into and can prevent rusting in the long run. However, this will not be as important as the newer bikes or well-maintained bicycles, as their protective barriers will be in place.

Note, to prevent any chances of rain causing rusting to the bike frame or chain, keep the bikes under a roof or in a dry storage space.

Otherwise, there will be limited situations in which your bike will be exposed to rain or any moisture from it. The best policy will be to avoid the rain altogether when it comes to absolute rust-free habits.


Final Thoughts on Will my Bike Rust from Rainwater

There are hardly any reasons, beyond riding in the rain or accidentally leaving a bike in the rain, for there to be exposure to this weather element.

If you are unable to keep a bike in a shed-like structure or similar or must store it on a bike rack, remember the spray-on sealant and consider going to the local governments or community members about overhangs for the bike racks.

Otherwise, simple maintenance-minded actions can keep rusty environmental elements from causing your bike frame damage.