Cane Creek Helm Mk2 Reveiw

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Bike front close up - Cane Creek Helm Mk2 Reveiw

Cane Creek is one of those Mountain Bike companies with a reputation for quality products. They are known for manufacturing some of the best forks in extreme sports. The release of each new fork is received with high praise and ecstatic reviews.


Does Cane Creek’s Helm Mk2 have good reviews?

Whether it be a four and a half out of five stars, a lesser four out of five stars, or even a tip of the cap from the UK with a solid nine out of ten, each took the biking fork for a rigorous test in the heaviest terrain imaginable, through mountain tops and down steep rock-filled terrain.

Testers said, after taking a test ride through the Appalachian Mountains, that the Helm Mk2’s composure, when faced with repeated hard impacts, is what impressed them the most. 

Even with only 140mm of standard travel, it stayed right in the sweet spot, comfortably absorbing those potentially jarring hits without blowing through all of its travel or tossing the rider. 

There wasn’t any harshness, and it feels better the harder it’s pushed into obstacles; it felt nice and open in those epic moments and had the ability to take whatever got in the way.


What are the advantages of Cane Creek’s Helm Mk2?

The new design of the fork is built-in with further compression and mid-value circuits. This comes with a lighter air piston – a damper oil system – and adjustable rebound for the ideal balance between smooth and structure.

According to United States testers, the pros of this fork are that they have unrivaled support and inspire confidence with the professional level control, along with huge versatility across several travel applications and fantastic composure when pushed hard. 

One American rider spoke on the supremely supple handling. This was so, even when set up hard. The fork has great mid-strike support and top-level bottom-out resistance. In addition, the fork was easy to adjust until the optimal setting was found. 


What are the flaws of Cane Creek’s Helm Mk2?

If there are any, you would have to work hard to find them. However, there is very little to complain about regarding the products that cane creek produces.

When conducting tests in Europe, riders took to the fork to the high French Alps. Unfortunately, it was upon those slopes that a few flaws became apparent. 

One being the suspension was not made for less aggressive riders, which concludes that this fork is for professionals and not timid cyclists. 

There is also a lack of availability and ability to purchase replacement parts for this bike because of the lack of spare parts. Also, service centers are less common than some alternatives.  


Is Cane Creek Helm Mk2 worth buying, according to the reviews?

Many of the reviews state that the new fork works for the price. The compression and suspension systems’ quality has always been top-of-the-line. Cane Creek has made an Olympic standard product for a fair price. 

With the quality of the materials, endurance, almost flawless reviews worldwide, etc., it seems like Cane Creek struck a gold mine with this product, and as far as we see – it’s totally worth it!


How long can Cane Creek Helm Mk2 last, according to reviews?

The ratings are all about the same. The experts talk about the long-standing tradition of Cane Creek producing professional-grade forks and unanimously speak about the durability of the Helm Mk2.

One test rider was all praise the Helm Mk2’s suppleness was its standout feature. The smooth handle when riding over small bump trail chatter; was remarkably impressive. 

In addition, the fork produced a ride that smoothly and competently insulated the rider’s hands from roughness and harshness. 

This was most apparent on graded trail center-style tracks with a well-ridden trail, bumpy surfaces, or chunky obstacles. 

The fork provided comfort and grip, where a lesser for would be seriously diminished. The helm did a great job of improving control across loose rocks, giving support where needed which allowed riders unprecedented balance and handling.


Final Thoughts on Cane Creek Helm Mk2 Review 

As with most of Cane Creek’s products, the Helm Mk2 is a quality investment. The new compression/ suspension system gets going when the riding gets tough. When looking for an Olympian-level part, this is the one fork that can take your riding to the next level. 


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