Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7 Review

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person riding mountain bike on a narrow path in forest - Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7 Review

Canyon is a company that provides more than just your average mountain bike. They have various categories ranging from Downhill, Enduro bikes, Trail bikes, and cross-country (Olympian/world cup level) category. 

Simply put, there is a bike for every extreme sports athlete who enjoys getting out on the trails on a quality ride. 


What do reviews say about Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7?

The reviews are generally good. Overall, the experts give a four-star review or higher.

Even overseas, there are riders with good things to say. 

For example, a group of test riders in the UK raves about the Canyon Spectral grips. A few of them even gave nine out of ten ratings and commented on the quality engineering of the Maxxis Minion DHR II 3C EXO/EXO l tire combo, continuing to say they are first-rate.

They add that the bike has a top-quality carbon frame. American riders agree that a few test riders hold these bikes in the highest of regards giving a rating of four and a half stars out of five. 

They also added a few side notes about the top-notch frame finish and performance of the Canyon Spectral. American riders continued to compliment the handling as being ideal for a trail bike.


Are there any disadvantages of Canyon Spectral 29 CF7?

A solid, complete triple-suspension Spectral Mountain bike travels 130 – 160 mm, but there are a few things the makers could improve. 

Lots of reviews found online remarked about how tall seat tube limits, dropper length, too much bike for mellow terrain, and the underpowered brakes when it comes to the upper extreme terrains. 

Another rider continued and elaborated on the handling, feeling sluggish at lower speeds. One con would be that the “overdamped shock” makes balance difficult for less aggressive riders. 

He went on to mention, “there’s work to be done on the shock turn” and wished it had more progressive geometry.


Is Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7 worth the price?

The simple answer is yes; this could be the perfect bike with an upgrade at the fork. Consider thinking about the Cane Creek fork; the Helm Mk2 has received excellent reviews.

Canyon’s new Spectral 29 model is an aggressive longer travel trail bike that combines excellent downhill shredding capabilities with respectable climbing performance. 

The bike’s standard 150mm travel on the 29er comes with a 160 mm fork and a modern geometry that borders on enduro bike territory. 

This bike feels like a captive wild thoroughbred, and it just wants to stretch its legs and fly. Point this bike downhill, and it picks up speed in a hurry with impressive stability and speed. The fine-tuning makes it easy to place this bike where you want in the corner and turns.

The way the Canyon bicycle takes tough terrain effortlessly was the first thing to come to mind when jumping onto the Spectral 29. 

It’s an incredibly easy bike to ride, and thanks to the shape of the bike, which is stylish as usual, the rear suspension is once again some of the best in the business. All of which equates to plenty of confidence and control.


For How long is Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7 expected to last for an average user?

Most bikes, on average, are made to last for over 20 years. But, of course, the bike’s longevity depends on the places and the terrain, maintenance habits, and how much a rider uses the bicycle. 

Here are some tips from Canyon on maintaining your bicycle.

During long periods of storage, the tubes gradually deflate. If your Canyon is standing on a flat tire for a longer period, this can damage the tire, so you should regularly check tire pressure or hang up your wheels.

You should clean your Canyon if it is not in use for a longer period, and remove the seat post and let any moisture in the seat tube and seat post dry off. Spray some oil into the seat post tube. (Not for carbon frames and tubes).

Store your Canyon in a dry room, and don’t expose your Canyon to intense sunlight over long periods. This could cause the tires to start chafing. Shift onto the smallest chainring and into the smallest sprocket at the rear. This relieves the tension on the shift cables.

Hydraulic brake lines can attract moisture after a longer period. Therefore, after long periods out of service, you should check that the disc brakes have a tangible biting point. 

The brake levers can’t be pulled right through until they touch the handlebars. If this is the case, then you’ll need to bleed the brakes. And, before riding the bike, check that the tires and suspension have the correct air pressure.


Final Thoughts on Canyon Spectral 29 CF 7 Review

Canyon produces solid professional quality mountain bikes. You could do worse than purchasing a solid, full-suspension Spectral 29 CF 7 for your trail riding purposes. Consider upgrading with a solid fork for a perfect heavy terrain mountain bike. 


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