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Bike on a peak - Deity Supracush Review

Deity is one of the rare companies that is owned, by the athletes themselves, from its website states:  Armor against the corporate mentality, Deity is a 100% rider owned, operated, designed, and funded company built by riders for riders. 

They offer a professional line of products that range from saddles, stems, and grips to pedals. However, this article will focus on the grips, specifically the Deity Supracush grips.


What do Reviews Say about Deity Supracush?

The reviews all speak about an unparalleled level of comfort, cushion, and control. One of many American cycling enthusiasts raves about these grips, giving them a perfect five out of five ratings.

Many first impressions are that these grips look great. Plus, the variety of colors did not go unnoticed. The diamond pattern looks nice, and they’re laser engraved. 

The aluminum sleeves are subtle and extremely stylish looking. These grips would look great on any bike, including superbikes, trail bikes, and even standard road and kid’s bikes. 

Rider mentioned that Deity is rounding out their cyclist grip product line to offer something for everyone. Since the line was created, the Supracush grip has delivered the most comfortable and deeply cushioned grip. 

The developers of Deity’s goal were to create the perfect grip. As a result, Supracush gives you an unmatched level of cushion with their TRC+ rubber compound and pushes the standards when it comes to customized bicycle grips. 

American riders offer a simple but to-the-point review, basically saying that the plush cushioning throughout the grip offers the ultimate comfort. 

The tapered inner sleeve was engineered to ensure perfect contact with the handlebar single clamp design. Then add on the forward-facing bolts that feature Loctite technology.


What are the Advantages of Deity Supracush Grips, According to the Reviews?

From what is being said about the Supracush grips, they are larger grips than you would typically see on the market. In addition, the diamond pattern gives a more comfortable cushion with uncompromised control and durability. 

The rides put this into the design to maintain traction in all conditions. Not to mention the cushion lessens the impact on the joints and fingers of the rider. 

Allowing maximum comfort even amongst the roughest terrain, helping an avid rider avoid injury. At least in the hands and wrists. 


What are the Flaws of Deity Supracush, According to Reviews?

There is not one bad review online. TRC+ Kevlar infused rubber compound can be tacky to use. Still, otherwise, the review is unanimously in favor of this handlebar grip. 

The grips are wider than they used to be, making it more difficult for those with smaller hands or weaker hand strength.

As for any other flaws, there was nothing said in the reviews. As of July 2022, there is not much chatter about complaints when it comes to these grips. 

Does Deity Supracush Have Good Quality According to Reviews?

The quality is unmatched in the market—double lining, with the “Cush” to match.

Cycling professionals have given these grips a perfect five out of five-star rating. 

They continued to praise, saying these grips are reasonably priced at $18.99. These premium grips upon first impressions are commonly complimented. 

They come in a wide variety of colors, a whooping 12, in fact. The diamond pattern looks nice, and the laser engraving designs did not go unnoticed. Supracush is a line meant to appease the bicycle person in your life.


What is the Longevity of Deity Supracush for an Average User?

Though there is no definite answer, on average, a professional’s tires last about 3,000 to 8,000 miles. If the terrain is heavier, densely packed with rocks, roots, jumps, and sharp turns, the lifespan of the grips can be drastically reduced to around 1,000 miles. 

An adequately maintained Mountain bike can last a rider for over 20 years. Grips, on the other hand, wear out typically within one to two years. 

These grips are no exception; if you are a mountain terrain rider, these may wear out faster than a casual biker. Therefore, the longevity of these grips depends on the biker’s preference.

Final Thoughts Deity Supracush Review

The Deity Supracush grips are a hit. They provide a nice cushion on even the roughest of terrain, sharpest turns, steepest climbs, and even when casually riding down the street. In addition, the diamond pattern allows for the rider to have control even in dampened weather. 


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