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MTB leaning on a big tree in a forest - Full Suspension Single-Speed MTB

You probably know that there are a few types of mountain bikes designed for different people and different trails. One of these bikes is the full-suspension mountain bike that has a suspension fork in the front and a rear shock in the back. 

A full-suspension mountain bike is usually quite costly but is a great investment to make your rides more enjoyable. It won’t throw you off the bike at every bump or obstacle on the trail. 

But, can you single-speed a full suspension mountain bike, and if you can, then should you? Read on to find out the answers. 


Can you single-speed a full suspension Mountain Bike?

In theory, you can really single-speed any mountain bike, as it all comes down to the gears. However, single-speed mountain bikes usually don’t come with gears, so they are more difficult to ride for newbies and provide full control. 

This makes mountain biking a challenge that is more fun for experienced riders. Although most full suspension bikes come with multiple gears, if you wish to test your single-speed skills, you can just not mess around with the gears and ride them in a single-speed form. 

Then you can temporarily transform your full-suspension mountain bike into a single-speed mountain bike.


How do you single-speed a full suspension Mountain Bike?

A single-speed mountain bike differs from the rest by having no gears and no excess equipment. If you want to single-speed a full-suspension mountain bike, you just have to pick one gear and stick with it. Then, you can (not fully) imitate a single-speed mountain bike. 

Choose a gear that you are comfortable with or uncomfortable with if you wish to challenge yourself and start riding. You can’t remove the gears of your full-suspension mountain bike, but you can just not bother changing them while you ride.


What situations would this make the most sense?

There isn’t a specific technical situation that would make single-speed riding a must, and it’s really up to preference. If you wish to challenge yourself and really feel the trail you are riding, then you can single-speed your full-suspension mountain bike. 

With single speed, you must use your full force to push yourself through the trail. It’s a technique that’s recommended for professionals or those who have been riding for some time, as it can get difficult depending on the trail. 

You must focus on your trail, technique, and skills without gears to get through. If you wish to get rid of all the extras and just focus on mountain biking, try single-speed!


Advantages vs. Disadvantages of single speeding a full suspension Mountain Bike

The advantages to riding single-speed on your full-suspension mountain bike are the same as with any single-speed bike. This means you will get rid of any excess gears and tools and simply ride your bike. 

You can enjoy clearing your mind by focusing on the trail, and you can test your technique and skills. It allows you to enjoy the core simplicity of mountain biking, and you can just power your way through the trail.

However, since you won’t be using gears to help you push through, one of the disadvantages is that you will feel all the obstacles on your path. So, your gears won’t protect you if you stumble onto a large rock or a tree branch. 

The more difficult parts of the trail will also require more force to get through, so you will probably be more tired after your ride compared to riding with gears. 


Final Thoughts on a full suspension single-speed Mountain Bike

Single speeding a full suspension mountain bike isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be tiring and difficult but if you are somewhat experienced and wish to test your skills, then go for it. All you have to do is choose a gear and stick with it for the whole ride. 

This is the most basic form of mountain biking that focuses more on the trail and your technique without letting you lean on the gears to push you through. But, as long as you are careful and know your trail, you should be good to go! 

Nothing beats a simple single-speed mountain bike ride on a beautiful day. 


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