When Does Red Bull Rampage Start?

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Man with a mountain bike coming down from a hill - When Does Red Bull Rampage Start?

Red Bull Rampage is a world-famous cycling event that was launched for the first time in 2001 that will be streamed live on ESPN+. Last year 20 years of rampage were celebrated. Some of the world’s most renowned cyclists compete in this event for a prize of $100,000.

This year, the race will be headed to Southwest Utah in October. On October 21st, the world’s top riders will take on the daunting terrain of Utah and display some of their best tricks for all of the spectators of this exciting cycling event.


How Many Athletes will Perform?

In the 2022 edition of the Red Bull Rampage, eighteen athletes were invited to compete at the premier free-ride event. There are then pre-qualified riders and eight wild card riders. This event is renowned as one of the most challenging events in the world.

It is a true test of mental and physical skill, and the eighteen riders invited to compete are some of the best, most capable mountain bikers in the world.


Will the TV Cover it?

If you want to watch this famous event live anywhere in the United States, then you are in luck. Red Bull Rampage is streamed live on television. This year it will be streamed exclusively on ESPN+ in the United States.

The replay will be available on ESPN+ immediately after the live stream. So don’t miss the event this October. Make sure you have access to ESPN+ to catch these 18 riders in action.


Is there Going to Be a Live Stream Online?

The Red Bull Rampage Event will be streamed live exclusively on ESPN+. If you have access to ESPN+ on your mobile device through the app, you can watch it that way. The only way you can watch the live stream is through ESPN+.

It will not be available online through any other platform. But you can download the app and watch it live streamed or immediately after the event.


How Long Will it Last?

Throughout the duration of the Red Bull Rampage event, there are usually three days of digging. Then there are generally four days allotted for the riders to test lines and jumps on their bikes. The riders can continue to shape lines and dig in those four days.


How Much Do Tickets Cost?

General admission to the 2022 event is already sold out. The tickets went on sale on August 30th, and tickets generally sell out pretty quickly.

The tickets are priced from $125 for general admission with hike and bike access to $150 for general admission with shuttle access.

If you are lucky enough to be a spectator of this world-famous event, you will witness some of the world’s best riders perform their best tricks on some of the most challenging terrains in Utah.

If you missed the general admission ticket sale, make sure you watch out for the ticket launch for next year’s event. You won’t want to miss out on the fast-selling tickets again.


Final Thoughts on When Does Red Bull Rampage Start

Red Bull Rampage is a world-famous cycling event that has been taking place since 2001. It features some of the world’s best cyclists and is a testament to their physical and mental cycling ability.

The cyclists will have to traverse some of the most challenging terrains in Utah and perform some of their best tricks. There will be eighteen riders in October 2022, and the event will be live streamed on ESPN+.

If you miss the live stream, you will be able to catch the replay on ESPN+ immediately afterward. So if you want to see some of the world’s best cyclists, don’t miss this famous event.

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