Yeti SB 5 Travel Bike

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Man riding a bike on a narrow road near hills - Yeti SB 5 Travel Bike

The Yeti SB5 Travel bike is a mid-size sporty-themed bicycle designed for mountain biking. The frame of this bicycle is offered in two frame material options, the Carbon series, and the Turq series. 

Yeti specifically designed both frame options to have great speed when taking on inclines and top-notch precision on descents. In addition, this bicycle boasts such great control due to the Switch Infinity system installed in the pivot points of the frame. 

With every passing year, features of the bike are upgraded and improved by Yeti, such as the metric shock standard and frame composition.


What Type of Bike is the Yeti SB5?

The Yeti SB5 Travel Bike is a durable frame mountain bicycle designed to take on rugged terrain. This model of Yeti bike is built to take on high speeds and high inclines. It has top-notch precision when taking on the uneven territory. 

Originally released in 2014, this model of mountain bike has been improved to the max with 12x148mm rear spacing, Multiple sizes available, and weighing in at just under 27lbs. One thing has remained the same throughout the years, and that is the suspension. 

Yeti stands by its unique Switch Infinity suspension. This suspension design allows the rider to adjust to different links to allow for performance over bumps. 


How Much Travel Does a Yeti SB5 Have?

The Yeti SB5 Mountain Bike has 127 mm of rear travel and 140mm of front travel. What does that mean for the consumer? Travel is the force a bike can absorb before climbing out while being ridden. 

So, in other words, the more uneven and rough terrain the bike is going to be driven through, the more travel you want your bike to have. The Yeti SB5 has an average amount of travel needed for rocky trails or for the free range enthusiast. 

Remember, when riding over roots and rocks, a higher journey will be most beneficial as it will absorb the push back from the impact of the roadblocks.  


Does Yeti SB5 Have a Good Quality?

The Yeti SB Mountain Bike is considered one of the best bicycles available for purchase in the world. This can be said due to the high-quality materials that go into producing each model. 

The SB, in particular, is a multi-option customizable bike that is built with the most hardcore rider in mind. This bike is said to be the smoothest and fastest available on the market. 

It is also said that the brand, Yeti, focuses on the quality of the bicycles they produce rather than the quantity. In addition to building great bikes, Yeti offers a lifetime warranty. 


Is This Bike Overpriced?

The Yeti SB5 Mountain Bicycle retails for approximately $6,999.00 for new and as low as $4,499.00 for a used model. 

This price ranges on the miles put on the bicycle as well as how well cared for it was. In short, one would lean towards yes, the Yeti SB5 is overpriced, especially when considering that the average cost for a mountain bike ranges from approximately $400-$800. 

The suspension, frame composition, and warranty make the Yeti SB5 stand alone from the rest of the bikes. Many bike companies do not offer the durability or quality that Yeti offers.


Who Should Buy Yeti SB5?

Now you’re down to the final question, who should buy a Yeti SB5? The short answer is only those who have a serious interest in serious mountain biking. This bike is built with the utmost quality of materials and is very much a labor of the company’s love. 

But, only serious mountain bikers should buy this bike when it comes down to it. This model is not designed for neighborhood strolls or paved path enjoyment. 

Instead, this bike is designed for hardcore riders who need more out of suspension and travel compared to the other bikes on the market. 


Final Thoughts on Yeti SB 5 Travel Bike

The Yeti SB5 bike is built to last. With a lifetime warranty and world-renowned quality, this particular model tops out at a retail value of $6,999.00. This is a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art bike with a heavy price tag due to the quality of its components and labor. 

This sporty mountain bike has been upgraded and improved on a yearly basis by Yeti since its launch in 2014. While the price tag is heavy compared to a wide range of other bike options, none offer the same quality and durability as a Yeti SB5.


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