Yeti SB140 vs SB165

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Man in white t-shirt tilting while riding a bike - Yeti SB140 vs SB165

Since 1985 the Yeti brand of Mountain Bike has consistently provided biking enthusiasts with quality products and cutting-edge technology by improving bicycle components every year. In 2019, Yeti released the SB165 model, with 27.5” tires and a carbon frame.

In 2021 they launched the SB140 mountain bike designed to conquer all mountainous terrain in its path. Side by side, both models are fairly similar, and both have the backing of the Yeti lifetime frame warranty and promise reasonable crash repair assistance.

Price points fall roughly in the same range as well. Let us discuss the topics covered below to see how the Yeti SB 140 compares to the previous year’s model, the SB165.


What is the Difference in Quality?

When it comes to Yeti Mountain Bikes, the quality will not ever waiver. Yeti boasts their craftsmanship and dedication to improving the bicycling experience of those who share their passion for mountain biking.

Additionally, Yeti’s frame warranty backs both models. Essentially, the SB165 was upgraded and replaced with the SB140. That being said, you’ll see many of the same great features found on the SB165 on the SB140, along with some upgrades and improvements.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for when it comes to Yeti mountain bikes.


Is There a Difference in Size?

Both the Yeti SB140 and the SB165 come in five different frame sizes, making this bicycle one of the most versatile for different height riders.

The smallest frame can accommodate riders as short as 4 ’11,” and the largest frame can accommodate those who are as tall as over 6’ tall! Both bicycles have 27.5” tires, making each frame size the same in height and weight.

So, in other words, if you have the same size frame, comparing the SB140 side by side with the SB165, they are the same size. The only difference in size would be their weight. The SB140 is designed to be lighter than other models in its class.


Pros and Cons: Yeti SB140 vs SB165

Firstly, the Yeti SB140 is the newer model with 2021’s newest features for the year. Another pro for the SB140 is that the seat tube is longer, which allows riders to be seated in a better climbing position when tackling inclines.

Both models have a place that can hold a water bottle, unlike many former models from Yeti. Both models come in five different sizes to accommodate all rider’s heights. A con for either model is the heavy price tag.

A con when considering the SB165 model is that it took slow turns. Overall, the cons are minimal for each model, and the pros outweigh the cons.


Price Range: Yeti SB140 vs SB165

Both the Yeti SB140 and the SB165 fall near each other in price. The newer SB140 model costs about $7,900.00-$8,800.00. Whereas the SB165 model from 2019 still falls just below the SB140 at $7,700.00-$8,900.00.

The price range is dependent on the type of frame selected. Yeti offers its mountain bike frames in two series, the carbon series and the Turq series. The Turq series frames are more expensive.

In addition to the frame composition, the frames come in different sizes, which can also vary in price. Each of these models can also have upgraded tire sizes from 27.5” tires to 29” tires.


Final Verdict: Yeti SB140 vs SB165

Drum roll… the final verdict! Both bicycles are comparable for many reasons. They offer many of the same features and quality across the board.

As far as bang for your buck, the SB140 is a newer model that claims to have a lighter frame than other bike models in its class. It falls in the same price range as the 2019 model, the SB165.

Both models offer the same great Yeti warranty, so that concern is null. Overall, the biggest difference between these two bikes is their weight.

The smallest size frame SB140 weighs just under 29 lbs, and the SB165 weighs approximately 33 lbs. A lighter bike may offer greater control and be easier to transport.

Overall, both the Yeti SB140 and the SB165 are great bikes for any mountain biking enthusiast. They handle any trail well and give the utmost control and precision when tackling the most uncertain terrain.

Both bikes offer the same suspension and brake systems. In addition, their frames come in multiple sizes making these two models some of the most customizable bikes on the market. While they do come with a hefty price tag, the Yeti quality is unlike any other.

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