Yeti SB150 VS SB5.5

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Man with green fannypack riding bike on a narrow road in a forest - Yeti SB150 VS SB5.5

Since 1985 the Yeti brand of Mountain Bike has consistently provided biking enthusiasts with quality products and cutting-edge technology by improving bicycle components every year.

In 2017, Yeti released the SB5.5 model, with 29” tires and the Switch Infinity Link. In 2018 they launched the SB150 mountain bike featuring a wishbone shock extender.

Side by side, both models are fairly similar, and both have the backing of the Yeti lifetime frame warranty and promise reasonable crash repair assistance. Price points fall in the same range as well.

Let us discuss the topics covered below to see how the Yeti SB 150 stacks up to SB5.5.


What is the Difference in Quality?

When it comes to Yeti Mountain Bikes, the quality will not ever waiver. Yeti boasts their craftsmanship and dedication to improving the bicycling experience of those who share their passion for the sport. Additionally, both models are backed by Yeti’s frame warranty.

Essentially, the SB5.5 was upgraded and replaced with the SB150. That being said, you’ll see many of the same great features found on the SB5.5 on the SB150, along with some upgrades and improvements.


Is There a Difference in Size?

Straight out of the gate, there is a difference in the tire size. The SB5.5 has 29” tires, while the SB150 has 27.5” tires, making the SB5.5 a better option for those who are vertically inclined.

Both models also offer frame sizes: Small, medium, large, and XL. Due to the Travel of the SB150 being a little higher than that of the SB5.5, the SB150 frame is a little larger than the SB5.5.

Take into consideration that different components of each of the bikes can be upgraded, such as the tires, making these two models quite comparable in size.


Pros and Cons: Yeti SB150 vs SB5.5

The biggest difference between the SB150 and the SB5.5 is the location where one can store a water bottle. Prior to the creation of the Yeti SB150, there was not a great area to attach a water bottle holder to the frame of the SB5.5.

Now, there is an area inside the mainframe where a water bottle will fit. Because mountain biking is such a strenuous sport, easily carrying a water bottle with you while biking is incredibly important.

The second notable difference between the two models is travel. With a larger journey, the SB150 comes in with another “pro.”


Price Range: Yeti SB150 vs SB5.5

The Yeti SB150 is a newer model of mountain bike compared to the SB5.5. So, taking that into consideration, the SB150 runs about $6,799.99 for a base model. The SB5.5 model will run about $5,700.00.

With a $1,000 price difference, the SB150 has a few more upgraded features to offer, which justifies the price gap. Therefore, when comparing feature by feature, both bikes are considered comparable in price for what they have to offer.


Final Verdict: Yeti SB150 vs SB5.5

Overall, comparing feature by feature and price points, the Yeti SB150 and SB5.5 are closely tied. Overall, both are great and sturdy mountain bikes that are built to handle the toughest terrain with the best precision.

Either of these bikes is a great choice. When making a choice to purchase, the final verdict comes down to a newer model for a higher price point but with smaller tires. At the same time, the SB55 is a year older with different features and larger tires.

For the taller person, the SB5.5 would be a better fit. The last thing to ask yourself when considering which model to choose, and probably the most impactful, is whether you want to carry a water bottle on your bike frame.

In conclusion, both models offer great and reliable features that you’d expect from the Yeti Brand. Both bikes have similar frame options, suspension, and upgradeable features.

While they have worked out some popular kinks with the SB150 model, the SB5.5 still comes in strong with a lower price point and larger tires on the base model.

With the SB150 model now having a space specifically designed to fit and carry a water bottle, this model stands out slightly brighter than the SB5.5.


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