Yeti SB5.5 29 MTB

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Man riding an MTB on a narrow track - Yeti SB5.5 29 MTB

The Yeti SB5.5 26 Mountain Bike comes from a long line of former Yeti models with the addition of 29” wheels. This model of Yeti bike provides some of the finest stability, balance, and control for the active mountain biker.

The larger wheels on this model provide enough height for those bikers that are on the taller side, making this option a much more comfortable ride. The SB5.5 29 model still offers those two great frame options, the carbon series and the Turq series.

The SB5.5 29 also comes with the same Yeti Warranty as the SB5. With great control while climbing, descending, and cornering, the Yeti SB5.5 29 is a competitive option for the taller mountain bikers out there.


Is Yeti SB5 5 an Enduro Bike?

First, let us talk about what an enduro bike is. Enduro is a type of mountain bike that is intended to handle trails as efficiently as possible.

This means descending as quickly as possible and then being able to turn around and begin to pedal successfully up an incline, all while maintaining the same level of precision and control.

The Yeti SB5.5 29 can most definitely be described under the enduro category. The SB5.5 29 has a 160mm travel, which is on the higher side for a mountain bike. However, this mountain bike has a lot to offer between the 29” tires and the travel.


What is the Price of Yeti SB5.5?

The price point of the Yeti SB5.5 29 initially depends on if you want to purchase a new or used mountain bike. An older used model will land you in the ballpark of around $4,499.99.

At the same time, a new SB5.5 29 price point falls between $5,700 and $10,850.00. This is a huge price range, which is all dependent on how many modifications and upgrades you choose.

The frame, suspension, travel, and several other options are customizable and can be upgraded. Of course, all of those come with a higher price, but you can create the bike of your dreams.


How Long Can This Bike Last for an Average User?

Depending on how well you care for the bicycle will determine how long the bicycle will last for you. Staying diligent with all of the necessary upkeep and maintenance for each component of the YetiSB5.5 29 will certainly extend the life of the bicycle.

Keeping each component in tip-top shape will ensure that there are no malfunctions. Keeping your Yeti SB5.5 29 out of the constant direct sun can also help extend the life of the frame paint, the quality of the handle grips, and the longevity of the tires.

Rest assured, all of the Yeti bikes manufactured after 2019 have a lifetime frame warranty. In addition, Yeti offers a crash replacement program where they will make repairs if you have a crash for a reasonable price.


Who Should Buy This Mountain Bike?

Only those who have a serious interest in serious mountain biking should consider purchasing the Yeti SB5.5 29 mountain bike. This bike is built with the utmost quality of materials and is very much a labor of the company’s love.

But, only serious mountain bikers should buy this bike when it comes down to it. This model is not designed for neighborhood strolls or paved path enjoyment.

While the Yeti SB5.5 29 is designed to be a go-anywhere ride anywhere type of bike, this bike is designed for hardcore riders who need more out of the suspension and travel compared to the other bikes on the market.


What Are the Costs of Maintenance for Yeti SB5.5?

Overall, one can expect to spend between $500-$1,000 on mountain bike maintenance per year. This price range allows wiggle room for the quality of replacement parts as well as if parts even need to be replaced.

On an annual basis, one should expect to replace both tires, which range around $100-$200. In addition to tires, the pedal cleats may need to be replaced, costing around $20-$50 per pair.

Your chain may need replacing either annually or bi-annually, depending on the number of miles driven. Your brakes, pads, suspension, and cost to have all these items serviced can be estimated to cost around $650-$700.


Final Thoughts on Yeti SB5.5 29 MTB

The Yeti SB5.5 29 comes with a higher price tag, no doubt about it. However, the features that these mountain bikes offer are unmatched.

With a wider tire, greater travel, and the same Yeti brand quality, the Yeti SB5.5 29 mountain bike is the bike of many riders’ dreams. Yeti sets itself apart and above the rest with its unique shock and suspension features.


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