Yeti SB5.5 Shock Size

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Man riding a bike on wooden bridge - Yeti SB5.5 Shock Size

The Yeti SB5.5 Shock uses custom guards to allow the absorption of the shock to stay as quiet as possible while in use. The shock is produced by Fox Float and distributed directly to Yeti for their mountain bikes.


Yeti builds its bikes with quality components that are meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, rugged terrain and heavy usage are no match for Yeti model mountain bikes.


What is the Shock Size of Yeti SB5.5?

The rear shock of the Yeti SB5.5 is 7.875”x2.25”. This measurement can be explained as follows, 7.875” is the length of the shock, and 2.25” is the measurement of the stroke.


This combined measurement is the measurement of shock and can be confirmed by the amount of pressure absorption that takes place when impacts are made.


Why is the Shock Size of This Bike Important?

The shocking size of this bike is important for many factors. Initially, it is most important because this bike is designed for dedicated riders. The intended target audience for the use of this bike is mountain bikers who want to test rough wilderness.


The shock in this bike is designed to absorb heavy impacts and uneven roads. The shock in this bike is great because it is a high-performance sports mountain bike. Thus, in order to take advantage of the full benefit of the shock size, one must ride the bike in rough territory.


Without the shock that comes on this bike, the rider from the quality of components that comprise this model.


Is this Bike Worth Investing in?

Due to the lifetime warranty that Yeti offers, this model is worth the investment. Yeti bikes are built for durability and longevity. The Yeti SB5.5 may come with a hefty price tag of upwards of $8,499.00 and as low as $4,499.00.


This wide range is dependent on the amount the bike was used as well as any upgrades that were made. The second from the top price range offers almost as many upgraded features for a price tag of $5,700.00.


With that being said, any of the Yeti SB models still offer the best climbing capabilities. At the end of the day, the quality of the ride is what you’re really investing in when it comes to the price of the bike.


Who Should Use This Bike?

This bike is intended to be used by serious riders. It is meant to take on rough and uneven terrain. The shock and frame which are included on the Yeti SB5.5 model are built to take a beating.


They are made with above-average durability, and the components they are composed of are of higher quality than what is found in a standard mountain bike.


The Yeti SB5.5 mountain bike may not ride as comfortably as an average mountain bike because the shock is built to absorb a higher impact during use. In other words, this particular model of mountain bike is not intended for beginners.


How Do You Upgrade Shock Size?

By doing a small amount of online research, upgrading your shock size on the Yeti SB5.5 Mountain Bike can be simple. There are size charts found online that can assist in finding the right measurement shock for your intended use.


Changing the shock on your Yeti bike can add value and further your investment. In addition, upgrading the shock size on your mountain bike can improve your quality of riding experience.


Increasing the shock size will make the bike ride feel more spring-like but allow for more impact to be absorbed. This would prove useful if you are planning on taking on majorly uneven surfaces during your riding sessions.


Final Thoughts on Yeti SB5.5 Shock Size

Overall, the shock size in the Yeti SB5.5 falls within the average range found among most bikes. What you’re paying for with the Yeti price tag is the warranty and the durability. Yeti boasts a great lifetime warranty on their bikes.


The shocking size of the SB5.5 model is great for a wide variety of terrains and uneven surfaces. In addition to handling burly paths, the Yeti SB5.5 shock handles fast speeds too.


These two qualities make the Yeti SB5.5 a well-rounded mountain bike with the quality and durability needed for a serious mountain biking enthusiast.

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